Clover Area Assistance Center

Clover Area Assistance Center (CAAC) exemplifies in every way our Foundations’ charitable focus on “Humanitarian & Health Services, Education, and Community Assistance.” With roots dating back to 1983, when hundreds of households fell into financial insecurity due to local textile mills closing, Joan Bailey, the River Hills Community Church Mission Committee and River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Club responded by operating the Clover Caring Center. Later becoming CAAC, it continues to serve as a beacon of hope when times are difficult.

Through its long-standing and well-deserved positive reputation, CAAC attracts widespread community support, which provides for 100% of the agency’s resources and budget. Among its greatest resources is the expansive family of volunteers, who Executive Director Karen van Vierssen credits as the driving force behind the sustainability of the provision of services.

"Our community has been incredibly generous. We are so fortunate to be in a community that cares for others."

Karen van Vierssen, CAAC Exec Director

Based in its humble headquarters in Clover, CAAC assists residents living within the boundaries of the Clover School District who are struggling to meet the most basic of needs. CAAC provides access to supplemental food, financial assistance, life skills training, and dental services for uninsured adults. On average, over 1,700 individuals from over 400 families are assisted annually.

While supplemental food and emergency financial assistance provide temporary solutions in the short term, client success often involves a more structured and focused engagement. The agency’s “Living Basics Classes”, or LBC, teach clients the skills of budgeting, goal setting, financial pitfall avoidance, and recognizing the difference between needs vs. wants. With a new Social Worker position now in place, there is even greater opportunity for clients to receive guidance and support in continuing their education and advancing their employability in order to achieve financial stability.

CAAC is well deserving of our continued support, both in terms of financial aid and in the thousands of volunteer hours provided by members of our community, many of whom are part of the River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Club. We support CAAC’s campaign to “Keep it Local! Feed the Need in OUR Community.”

Clover Area Assistance Center

Clover Area Assistance Center

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