Located at the main entrance to River Hills, this treasured agency has provided emergency medical services for not only River Hills, but a large section of the greater Lake Wylie area. For over 40 years the community has benefited from the presence of this trained, very professional and respected group.

Contrary to the assumption of some, this non-profit entity is not supported financially by River Hills Community Association dues, but by insurance co-pays (when available) and contributions from donors, the largest of which are the River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Club and our Foundation.

"We are proud to serve this community and grateful for its support."

Nick Jones

Staffed 24/7 by 16 medics and 10 first responders, the River Hills/Lake Wylie EMS conducted over 1800 responses to 911 calls in 2020. And, with the continued growth in this part of York County, the expectation is for an ever-increasing number of deployments, hence the demand for more resources and equipment. Plans for 2021-22 call for adding additional personnel and upgrading vehicles and equipment.

The Foundation, through the River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Charities, is pleased to provide an annual donation to the River Hills/Lake Wylie EMS that supports the continued growth of this incredible emergency agency and its commitment to the Lake Wylie area.

River Hills / Lake Wylie EMS

(803) 831-9888 Main Phone

4 Heritage Dr, Lake Wylie, SC 29710