“This community is different. When they see a need, they help, and we are so very grateful!”

Dr. Wendy Schonfeld, Rideability Executive Director

When Julie, a beginner at Rideability, was able to ride a horse without help, one of her earlier remarks was, “I feel free!” Like many other riders who experience the local therapeutic riding program, Julie has gained confidence, courage and even physical and mental strength through visits to Dr. Wendy Schonfeld’s facility in Clover, South Carolina.

Julie, a rider with traumatic brain injury who needed a multitude of braces and a handled vest, as well as the assistance from six people to safely stabilize her early rides, enjoyed the Rideability experience from the very start. She now requires no supports, braces or vest support. “She’s building on independence and being free each week,” said Schonfeld.

Rideability, a non-profit equine therapeutic riding program, is a recipient of donations from River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Community Foundation and other generous donors, who support 50% of program tuitions for riders and families who are unable to pay. Through her various certifications, Schonfeld is able to extend her program specifically to veterans, children with autism, abuse victims and others. They are now an approved Special Olympics Training Center with over 30 certified coaches.

Schonfeld emphasizes that the center would not be possible without many dedicated volunteers and 10 amazing therapy horses. During a recent visit, Foundation Trustees members presented our donation to Schonfeld and had the chance to meet two hard-working volunteers who are, themselves, graduates of Rideability programs.

As Rideability’s contribution sources have recently declined while expenses have increased, the River Hills Lake Wylie Lions Community Foundation joins program volunteers, local scout groups and Charlotte-based corporations to support the program’s continued positive impact. “This community is different,” Schonfeld said. “When they see a need, they help, and we are so very grateful!”

RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center



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