Our Lions Club has gifted over 12,000 books to Clover Elementary Schools through their Roaring Readers program.

Our Lions Club started the Roaring Readers program during the Clover School District year 2009-10. The program serviced students in a Title One (low income) elementary school which has expanded to three elementary schools, providing books to approximately 750 students twice a year. At the completion of the 2020-21 academic year the Lions Club had gifted over 12,000 books to students.

The initial goal of the program was to encourage literacy and improve reading skills for students by creating home libraries. Once each semester the Lions Club partners with school media specialists to provide a selection of high-interest popular titles of both fiction and non-fiction books for each grade level. When students select their books, Lions Club members interact with the students and explain the purpose of the Lions Club and why reading is so important to their education.